Myths and Monsters: Poetry & Storytelling for Children - 5th August 2015

Who helped Theseus defeat the Minotaur? Why should you steer clear of Ginny Green Teeth? And how did Arachne get turned into a spider? Find out from two poets (Harry Man and Lavinia Singer) from the Emma Press in 'Myths and Monsters', a poetry-and-storytelling show full of rhythm, rhymes and a cast of colourful characters.

This is a lively, interactive event which celebrates the fun of poetry through stories of mischievous gods, ferocious villains, witches and wizards, and monsters – who might not be as monstrous as all the stories say... The poets will read poems from Falling Out of the Sky, the new Emma Press anthology of poems for children, followed by a Q&A about writing poetry.

Aimed at children aged 8-11 yrs, but all ages welcome.